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On behalf of The Team at ‘I can and I will’ I would like to ask you for your support and thank you now for taking the time to read and digest the following.

 Imagine trying to save the life of someone you love, trying to find a donor with the same tissue type as their’s. Imagine having to be reliant upon the benevolence of others and praying that someone out there is a exact tissue-type match for your loved one.

This could easily happen to you

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My name is Gavin Sandford. I’m an ex Soldier that works in Operating Theatres. I’m a Charity Ambassador, Athlete and Adventurer.

In 2014 I founded ‘I can and I will’ ICAIW which is due in part to the Cancer work that I have done with patients.

I have been inspired by how people deal with their sufferings, showing such tremendous attitudes of… “I can and I will”

The mantra ‘I can and I will’ was a saying given to me by a child called ‘Molly’ that I had worked with. For many months Molly suffered tremendously. Tragically Molly died. Close to her passing I recall her saying upon a request that I gave her (a request she knew would cause her a lot of pain) she said, “Sure…I can and I will”. This has become my mantra.

‘I can and I will’ is my initiative to help people like Molly, who are most in need. I do extreme endurance challenges to bring awareness of the urgent need for people to join the’ Bone Marrow’ and ‘Stem Cell’ registers. A simple and selfless act, that literally means you become a potential life saving match for someone like Molly. In 2013 I learnt about another girl ‘Margot’ also battling with Cancer and her story was very much like Molly’s. From this situation the ‘Team Margot Foundation’ was founded and I am inspired and support them. There amazing story can be read HERE. There are sadly in excess of 35,000 people in the United Kingdom awaiting a life saving donor per annum and frighteningly statistics show there is a high probability that in our time, someone you love will get Cancer and possibly be one of those 35,000 people. If you are Black, Asian or of mixed race the numbers are critically low and the situation far worse. It goes without saying


“No one should be dieing due to a lack of donors!!”


I’ve registered ‘Selfie Gallery Wall of Fame’

After you’ve uploaded your selfie, please become a ‘Key Influencer’ and share your amazing deed and nominate just 5 of your friends and spread the word.

‘Saving lives together’

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‘Key Influencer’ 

You might not be able to save someones’s life directly but there is a way to being a ‘Key Influencer’ and potentially saving lives.

We need you to encourage your friends to join up and vitally important encourage their friends to do the same and so on.This growing network of people can level out the odds and make it more likely the exact match can be found for someone battling with Cancer.


My mantra rang repeatedly In 2016 when I became the first person in history to successfully complete a Double ‘Back to Back’ Marathons Des Sables. ( MDS ) The MDS is known as the Toughest 7 day Ultra Race in the world. See BBC Video below or watch the full documentary at the foot of this page. Blog  READ MORE



The below film is a full documentary. Hope you enjoy the highs and lows that were expertly captured by Mountain Pictures.





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