2016 Event Calendar

Jan 2016

9/01/2016: RAM RUN 6th place: Age Group Winner: 24km Obstacle Course Race. QUALIFIED FOR THE EUROPEAN AND U.K CHAMPIONSHIPS.

10/01/2016: SAS FANDANCE RACE: 2nd Place: 24km race over ‘Pen Y Fan’ The highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons.
This infamous route has long been a part of SAS Selection. As per real Special Forces Selection.

29/01/2106: Desert Training Lanzarote.

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Feb 2016

20/02/2016: Scandinavia’s inaugural event. The Arena Run is a 5km indoor obstacle course run with 20 spectacular obstacles.

Mar 2016

Apr 2016

03/04/2016 to 16/04/2016: 2nd ‘ I Can And I Will ‘ Charity Challenge. I successfully completed a World First. I will ran the famous ‘Marathon Des Sables’  TWICE!  A Double  ‘BACK TO BACK’ Challenge covering 500Km

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May 2016

7/05/2016: Toughest in Malmo. The Ribersborg area in Malmo is the perfect spot for a Toughest race! Just by the sea creating a course with many elements such as sand, water and mud.

21/05/2016: Urban Attack. This race is held in a indoor arena. Its a highly innovative and unique obstacle course race thats run in sub zero temperatures in a indoor snow arena.

Jun 2016

4/06/2016: Toughest in Stockholm.

10/06/2016 to 18/06/2016: The Richtersveld Transfrontier Wild Run. A 7 day Namibian Ultra Race In short this run is on par with Marathon Des Sables in respect to duration and distance covered. Its held in stunning rugged mountainous/dessert areas.

Jul 2016

9/07/2016: Rat Race Man Verses Lakes. This is an extreme marathon challenge that starts with a swim across England’s most famous Lake Windermere racing over slides, jumps and floating assault course that then proceeds higher into the hills and forests of the area to a trademark Man V’s ‘Vertical K.m’ to a whopping 3000ft of ascent.

23/07/2016 and 24/07/2016: The Spartan Beast.Edinburgh Scotland racing over the brutal Scottish hills covering 3 races in two days:
The Sprint: 3-5 miles, 20-23 obstacles. The Super: 8-10 miles, 24-29 obstacles. The Beast: 12-14 miles, 30-35 obstacles

Aug 2016

5/08/2016 to 7/08/2016: Tromso Sky Race. Norway  –  the soul of sky running linking technical summits .The route, off trail sections on lose rocky parts in Tromsdalstind and off trail forest sections on the lower parts and snow fields on the summits. Blamann Vertical will take place on Friday 5TH and Tromsdalstind Skyrace on the 7TH . They will be part of the Vertical and Ultra Sky Runner Series. These events are only suitable for highly experienced competitors and with mountain knowledge.

13/08/2016: Rat Race Mens Health:Survival of the Fittest  a totally unique 10k Obstacle Course Race in London’s Docklands.

Sep 2016

3/09/2016: RatRace. Man vs Mountain
Man Vs Mountain isn’t your average event.Start off at sea level and run to the top of Snowdon in Wales (9 miles to the top) then descend back down the mountain into the Dinorwic Quarry to tackle an array of ruthless challenges along the 20 mile route such as lake jumps, abseiling ascents, a spot of swimming and a brutal vertical kilometre to run.

10/09/2016 and 11/09/2016: The Rat Race Coast to Coast in Scotland is an ultimate test of endurance. This race has elements of  running, cycling and kayaking. Competitors run from the North Sea coast to the Atlantic seaboard over 105 miles of rocky terrain, via Inverness, Loch Ness, Glencoe, Fort Augustus, Fort William and Ben Nevis.

16/09/2016 to 18/09/2016:  Mamores Vertical Kilometre & Ring of Steall Skyrace: Two Ultra Mountain Races over Scotlands Soaring ridges, exposed traverses and precipitous drops. Fast and light over rough and technical terrain. A fusion of alpinism and mountain running.

Oct 2016

1/10/2016: Toughest Copenhagen 10k race at Amager Strandpark, probably Denmark’s best spot for a Obstacle course with a high amount of different obstacles that stretches out by the coast with both grass/sand terrain.


Nov 2016

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Dec 2016

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