Conrad Jagger is the mad genius behind ‘MadSlug’ which is a fun-loving, UK based game studio that have created awesome games like Kickin Kong that has seen me spend many an hour when resting from my usual training and madcap adventures. Conrad has supported me from the inception of ‘I can and I will’ and has been the I.T wizard behind the scenes. Conrad is a very busy chap that has all manner of projects on the go, but will always be there for me and the team. His exceptional work ethos is apparent throughout his work. He is the hardest working guy I know that. He delivers on time, the very best, innovative and cutting edge work you could wish for. I am proud and honoured to know him as a friend and have him as part of the Team. He is a man that says “I can and I will”



Snugpak are proud to have Gavin Sandford as a Brand Ambassador. In 2016, Gavin became the 1st person in history to run a double, back to back Marathons des Sables. Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800’s on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK but across Europe. We have a dedicated workforce at our West Yorkshire factory in the North of England who are trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring our ideas to life.

You can have a read about Gavin’s story here and learn how he became part of the Snugpak family. http://community.snugpak.com/gavin-sandford-became-brand-ambassador/

I’m an ex Soldier that now works in Operating Theatres. I am a Charity Ambassador, Adventurer & Endurance Athlete. I am Polar, Jungle and Mountain Medic trained and as such I was already familiar with Snugpak from my Army days when I used their amazing Softie sleeping bags whilst on tours of duty. That sleeping bag literally saved my life on countless occasions. Snugpak has a rare pedigree in that they are one of the last manufacturers in the UK (based in Silsden) and Europe who make quality sleeping bags, insulated clothing and accessories which simply puts them a notch above their competitors and provides their customers unparalleled service and equipment. I approached Snugpak knowing all that I do about them. I know that my pursuits in life need equipment and customer service that will look after and see me safely through any journey I undertake.The team are very like minded and approachable and have a dynamic attitude about their products and services and were excited about my “Mad” events that I do and have planned. I often jump in the car and drive overnight to get to far-flung areas to then spend days training, hiking and running in treacherous conditions and often find myself in places where no others are. A potentially dangerous pursuit and lifestyle which in 2017 will see me training very hard in these UK’s Mountainous regions to compete in various events globally.

I look forward to really pushing myself and Snugpaks gear to beyond the limit. I am inspired and proud by being part of their amazing team and look forward to helping them develop products and inform others of their exciting and growing product range.

I am now the proudest Snugpak Brand Ambassador.

Core Health & Fitness

John Gamble, EMEA Managing Director of Core Health & Fitness comments ‘We wish Gavin all the best with his upcoming challenges. We’re really pleased we were able to support such a good cause”.

Core Health & Fitness has recently sponsored Gavin Sandford by providing him with a StairMaster Gauntlet for his fitness training. The StairMaster Gauntlet will support Gavin’s training as the brand provides 30 years of experience and proven performance. The Gauntlet delivers a superior combination of cardio and strength training and is one of the most challenging and high intensity products in today’s fitness market.

Gavin is a Charity Ambassador. He has an impressive history of charity fund raising events and this year became the first person in history to complete a double back to back Marathon Des Sables. Gavin has also solo run 1200 miles: Trans UK whilst pushing a 50kg oak barrel (45 marathons in 45 days), all raising over £20,000

I would like to say a huge thanks to Core Health & Fitness for sponsoring me with the StairMaster Gauntlet in aid of my upcoming events and am proud to be a Brand Ambassador. There is a mammoth amount of training required for the extreme endurance challenges that I do. I know the StairMaster is the very best option to support me with my training. In 2014 I used the Stairmaster in my fitness preparation for three months prior to me starting my 1200 mile Trans U.k solo run whilst pushing a 50K.g Oak Barrel. The physical efforts whilst crossing over the Scottish Highlands for instance was immense and I felt that much more stronger and able to cope with the demands due to the training that I had achieved with the Stairmaster.

I am in training for various massive events in 2017/2018 and this is intrinsic for my fitness regime to achieve



Steve Diederich is the founder of RunUltra which is the home of ultra running that hosts many famous ultra marathons and events across the globe. Upon entering the competitor can look forward to an iconic race and trip package. Run ultra also allows a runner/competitor to share tips and stories with thousands of runners in the running community. RunUltra reviews the best gear and keeps you informed and up to date with the latest ultra running news and blog articles. Steve and his amazing team at Run Ultra go above and beyond with their support to you and this was reflected in their overwhelming support to me at all stages of my successful attempt at becoming the first person in history to complete a Double, Back to Back Marathons Des Sables. “I am eternally grateful to you Steve for being like a brother to me.



I am proud to be working with and be a Brand Ambassador for Leki.  I value and know that Leki at it’s core is passionate about delivering to you the ultimate, highest-performing products that combine safety and comfort with funky contemporary cutting edge designs. I love that Leki strives to continually collaborate with it’s athletes and experts to ensure that their comprehensive line of products are optimally designed and built to the highest levels which will give me as it does to all of their customers the best innovative equipment for our needs and knowing Leki is the absolute world leader in pole and glove systems thanks to it’s consistent implementation of it’s philosophy gives me the upmost security and satisfaction in them and their products when I pursue my extreme endurance training and events globally.




Mountain Fuel

Rupert Bonnington from Mountain Fuel is delighted to be fuelling Gavin’s amazing Charity Adventures and Challenges which not only raise much needed funds but also act to inspire and demonstrate what you can achieve with a positive mind set despite the tough situations you can find yourself experiencing.

The mantra of ‘I can and I will’ is one we share and whatever challenges throw at us we strive to live life to the full.

I am proud to be a a Mountain Fuel Ambassador. I am a great believer that my performance in the sports and events that I do is achieved in part by a well balanced nutritional regime. At times you cannot get the full intake of the bodies nutritional needs and I find it best to supplement those areas and needs with the use of Mountain Fuel’s 4 part system that provides a sustained delivery of optimal nutrition that in turn also aids recovery. A broad spectrum of vitamins, amino acids and minerals aids your body in it’s needs to perform at its best.


Ashbourne Sport Clinic

Ashbourne Sport Clinic are excited to be working with Gavin on his endurance challenges for such a worthy cause. Our experienced Sports Physio’s will aid Gavin in the training phases up to the challenges and keep him in optimal condition.

I have found the Team at Ashbourne Sport Clinic amazing. From the start I have found that they gave a thorough assessment on all of my aches and pains associated with my ultra endurance training and events and they always quickly diagnose my problem’s and discover why the problem is occurring. The findings are then fully explained to me and this  ‘hands on’ approach to treatment helps me to be back in fighting fitness as fast as possible and as active as I need to be to succeed. I have found Hayley to be an amazing help and I could not recommend her or the Team highly enough.



Previous Sponsors…

Ian Corless

Ian Corless is a Photographer, writer, reviewer and blogger. Ian travels the world capturing stories from some of the most iconic ultras on the planet. Ian is creative director and host of an ultra running podcast called Talk Ultra. It covers ultra running throughout the world bringing news,reviews and interviews. The show is available every 2 weeks ‘for free’ on iTunes and talkultra.com.

Prometheus Medical

Prometheus is a leading supplier of pre-hospital emergency medical equipment and kindly supplied ‘I can and I will’ with equipment for my Double Marathons des Sables Charity Challenge. Prometheus also supplies high-quality medical training courses for a wide audience; from the layperson to the healthcare professional.
Prometheus has a specialist team that has expertise in providing medical support under the most challenging circumstances and a in-depth knowledge, experience and credibility within both emergency medicine and the military environment and that we can offer our clients the best solution to their needs – from consultancy and strategic advice to the latest medical equipment and medical training



Dr Nicholas Crombie

Dr Nicholas Crombie, or Nick as I know him, is a consultant anaesthetist at QEHB specialising in trauma, burns and reconstructive surgery. He is also an established pre-hospital consultant and been the Clinical Lead for both the Midlands Air Ambulance and the West Midlands Ambulance Service MERIT team.
Amongst all this, Nick has gained significant experience of event medicine, providing cover at events such as Leeds Festival, the London Hyde Park summer concerts, Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert, International Horse Trials as well as many small equestrian and motorsport events.
I have known Nick now a few years and am always amazed at this mans endless energy and achievements. He is ‘The’ chap that I was priviledged to have looking out my life and those of my Team on the successful World First : Double ‘Back to Back’ Marathons Des Sables. An Extreme race that is held in one of the most challenging and inhospitable environments on the planet. The Sahara desert. This environment offered up many complex challenges for Nick to plan too. I have worked with Nick in complex medical emergencies and he will dealt with everything thrown our way in his usual unflappable way which was demonstrated on the first day when he saved my life! If you want the highest calibre medic for any event no matter how extreme or complex I know Nick is 2nd to no one. Without his support on this Charity Challenge it simply would not of happened and I will always be indebted to this kind and gregarious gentleman.



Media Dog Hire

Media Dog are a broadcast equipment hire company owned and run by Rob Shaw and Mark Tredinnick. Both are BBC and ITV trained as lighting cameramen, between them they have over 20 years of experience in broadcast and video production at the highest level.
Rob is the gentleman whom has kindly supported my Charity by providing top notch equipment that I know will be able to handle all that the challenging and inhospitable Sahara desert can throw at it.I am confident in his products and his service and have always found them to be a highly professional, approachable and dependable.

Media Dog provide camera hire in Manchester, Birmingham, and nationwide and they also have a huge selection of ancillary equipment including lenses, lighting, sound equipment etc, what’s more, Rob and co have the expertise to back it all up.

Media Dog take their shoots as seriously. All their kit is checked and prepared ready to use, Rob always pays attention to the little things like fully charged batteries and cables of sensible lengths. Media Dog service their equipment to the highest standards so that you can rely on it as if it were your own.

Although you can pick up and drop off kit at our city centre offices, Media Dog understand that your hours will be varied and so we offer a more flexible approach, you simply just give them a call.

Their kit list has some of the very latest equipment and is continuing to grow. Media Dog are always keen for ideas about how best to invest in our equipment and your future shoots and they ask to let them know if you have any other requirements on a regular basis.



Harborne Physiotherapy Clinic

Marian Dowd Chartered Physiotherapist

I have been seeing Marian now for 5 or so months. The very first visit I knew that I had found the ‘Right One’!! You can often go to people for treatment and often will come away no better off and a lot lighter in the pocket. Many of the friends that I have since refered to Marian, have been in that position. I compete in various extreme sports at an Elite level such as Obstacle Course Racing, Mountain racing and Ultra running and as such I put my body through a hell of a lot of trauma. My first visit I presented her with what I thought it was, a fracture of the Spine. It was that bad. Two visits later and she had cured me. I have been treated by other great Physios before but Marian is the ‘Jedi Master’ and all of the friends that I have referred to her all say the same. I simply cannot reccomend her enough.

Marian will aim to:

•See patients as soon after first contact as possible.
•Enable patients to maximise their function.
•Instil patients with confidence in their ability at work, home or in sport.
•Minimise discomfort related to the patient’s problem.
•Ensure that patients understand their problem and its treatment.
•Ensure that patients are aware of the need to contribute to their treatment.
•Ensure that treatment is appropriate and effective.

At the first visit an assessment will be made to diagnose your problem. An individual treatment plan to meet your needs will then be discussed with you. This will include advice about self-help strategies.

Treatment may include:
•Individual Pilates work
•Electrotherapy including ultrasound
•Professional advice




Global Telesat Communications (GTC)

David Phipps is the M.d at Global Telesat Communications (GTC). David heads GTC which is a family run business with over 22 years combined experience in the satellite communications industry. From the offset David and his team have offered to me their endless expertise and advice. competitive prices and next day delivery.

The products that David has kindly sponsored to the ICAIW Team are of unparalleled quality. I feel completely assured that they will be up to the job in the Sahara for the duration that we are there. They offer 100% global coverage allowing users in remote locations to make phone calls, connect to the internet and tracking facitities anywhere in the world.

GTC provide equipment and airtime for use on all the major satellite networks including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya and have a rental service for customers requiring equipment on a short-term basis.

David and his team obviously pride themselves on personal customer service and whenever I have been asking complex questions related to this desert expedition they have been able to resolve all matters very efficiently.



Paul Genge is the Sales and Marketing Manager with MyMyk. MyMyk designs innovative quality audio products for cinematographers embracing DSLR, action, and smartphone/tablet cameras. The range that I have use includes the SmartMyk, SmartLynk & SportsMyk. If you want to record your moments in challenging environments then this equipment I find is fanastic.

Mountain Pictures

Jack Van Spall is the M.D at Mountain Pictures, a film production company based in the heart of the Midlands. Jack and his team are incredibly talented and they specialise in music videos, advertising, and live events. Jack is always happy to talk through ideas and options that I have had and he will take the time, go away and put together a plan for the proposed video in a fast, professional and creative manner. My confidence in Jack was well founded when he worked with me on my Double Marathons Des Sables Charity Challenge. Jack overcame all hurdles in this challenging desert environment.
When all was shot, the footage was then handed over to the talented editorial team who converted and enhanced its quality, and then edited it into a stunning film. Jack also added animation graphics and brought the video to life as an exciting film.

New Balance

New Balance is proud to support Gavin in this epic challenge for an incredible cause. After hearing that Gavin’s running shoe of choice is the New Balance 860 we were delighted to be able to provide him with his faithful footwear companion, sure to keep him going mile after mile! We’re excited to be a part of Gavin’s worthy challenge and will be cheering him on every step of the way.


Bodyshocker Sports Supplement Warehouse has been serving the Fitness Industry for over a decade, providing the right nutrition for athletes of all sporting disciplines and helping them achieve their goals.  With over 4000 products in stock at our Midlands based warehouse combined with our knowledge and expertise, we can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all your supplement needs.
We are proud to support Gavin in his gruelling, if not, slightly insane challenge, by supplying him with Vitargo and Reflex Protein to go in his barrel!  Vitargo is a superior carbohydrate that transports through the stomach faster than any other carb, for an instant surge of energy to fuel his epic journey.   Whilst Reflex Protein is a premium grade whey protein that will aid the recovery of his inevitably fatigued muscles. Bodyshocker will be out in force  cheering Gavin on!  Good Luck!
Best Wishes,
The Bodyshocker Team


Smiffys are proud to support Gavin on his epic challenge and love his attitude! The challenge itself is crazy but to do it in fancy dress? That’s really going the extra mile to raise awareness. Good luck Gavin, we’ll be watching your progress!

Scimitar Sports

Scimitar Sports are proud to support Gavin in what can only be described as an ‘Epic Challenge’


We at Bristol Street Ford Moytors are excited to be working with Gavin on his amazing challenge and on such a worthy cause. We here are delighted to have been asked to assist Gavin in his mammoth event. What Gavin is putting himself through for this event and to raise money is inspiring. We are proud to be able to be able to supply a vehicle and to play a small part in helping him keep moving.


“I am very excited to be working with Gavin on his amazing challenge and on such a worthy cause. I’m so honoured to have been asked to assist Gavin in the training phases up to the challenge and during the run. Anytime we have patients running marathon distance events we expect to see a bit of wear and tear during the training and possibly a few niggles. Do that 45 times and the stress of the training alone, not to mention the actual event, is monumental. What Gavin is putting himself through for this event and to raise money for these charities is truly awe inspiring. I’m proud to be able to say that I played a small part in helping him keep moving.”

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