First person in history to run a Double ‘Back to Back’ Marathons des Sables. The M.D.S is known as the Toughest 7 day race in the world.


27.03.2016 to 15.04.2016


Hi Folks,

Just Imagine yourself in the Sahara desert with endless sand dunes many of which are hundreds of meters high relentlessly laying ahead. The endless ploughing of your feet through the sand, a fine dust kicking up. This sand gets everywhere. If it gets into your footwear it literally will shred your feet to pieces. The 45 degree heat evaporates sweat and parches your lungs within seconds of running. Your brain starts to boil and is screaming at you to stop and drop out of the race. You simply are not made to exist in this Mars like landscape. It was  beyond brutal to say the least. Doing this pushed me way beyond anything I have ever done before.

So the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of what I achieved are: I ran the 2011 route in 2 days less than required and then I ran this years route straight after the 2011 race route all with an acute injury. I had a fantastic support crew with me for my first weeks challenge and was in safe hands. It was vital and needed when I took on the formidable landscape of one of the world’s most inhospitable climates – the Sahara desert.

My team and I made sure that I fully adhered to the MDS rules to ensure that my achievement was beyond reproach and as such I was independently monitored and recorded throughout my route, timings and all logistics. I ran self-sufficiently, carrying all that I need to survive on my back, everything except water that was strictly rationed throughout.

My Mantra of ‘ I can and I will ‘ saw me through this ‘Double MDS Challenge’ It was the the toughest 12 days and 300+ mile adventure.

Say and do ‘I can and I will’ and register. Be in place to potentially save someone’s life. Upon registering please UPLOAD a selfie picture of yourself to the homepage and CLICK THE SOCIAL MEDIA TABS TO encourage others to do the same.
“We will save lives together”

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