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I am gratefully armed to take on the hustling streets of Manchester with my first lady, my gal Hayley and good friends Robin and Martin. A small and happy band. Thanks beyond measure extends to them all. Behind the scenes at base camp. My man Ben is holding the fort with all manner of high tech social media- mastery and a giant love and respect goes out to him, as does to many other wonderful and kind souls who have graciously helped me and this challenge out. I am nothing without each and every single one of you! You all know who you are! Thank you thank you from the depths of my heart. You kind lovely bunchaaa ‘ I can and I willers’!!! 🙂

day23 (3)
So the day begins with preparations a-plenty. T-shirts adorned and buckets a-dangling we headed forth without  trepidation. I as always feel suitably dressed in a skin tight muscle suit that’s complimented with a Punk Wig and disco diva glasses. Perfect attire for Manchester. I either scare children to laughter..or the laughter scares the children, but none suffer long before giggles and inquisitiveness take over.

day23 (2)
People who want to be kind do so and represent the few warm colourful gems that offset the cold grey ambivalent ones that we encounter. Its a very tough time to go cap in hand but we do well. I cannot thank enough my Band of – ‘I can and I willers’!! Time ticks by quickly and our happy and tired bunch set off for media interviews with the B.B.C which take place in their very plush surroundings. I escort ‘Bessie’ and push her with me still attired as a muscle bound punked nut job. Not your average visitor I’m thinking. Faces screwed into laptop screens lift all over the place and I ensure my flyers are shoved wherever possible. I hope and prey I have done a good job. I sweat more in the interview than on a run. I am not a celebrity and every second of the interview feels long and heavy and I feel tongue tied and moronic. I hope I’ve done well for the two trusts I am trying to support.

day23 (1)

The challenge is now half way. I feel worn thin beyond measure. My fatigue and emotions tumble and swirl like drops of oil in a river of water. My injuries continue relentlessly to torment me and I know there is no guarantee of finishing. I fear and accept that already I likely have some issues that may plague me long after this challenge. I have to carry on… I must… I have to… somehow!
One more day to go and then I am arriving into Birmingham.
I can and I will!!!!