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I trundle.. I wince.. I trundle and guess what!? I WINCE!!!
On and on and on!
Great..bird plop on me.. luck..luck..yeaaaahhhh right… gueeerrrr!!!
Lolipy heavy head..
Avoid the cracks..
Someone  come cut my right leg off..
It’s as though my New balance trainers are morphing and becoming one with my feet. My long lost gaze transfixes on the rhythm of my feet. Time slows.  Thoughts tumble away.
On and on and on!
Crick crack goes my back..
Clickity clack clicks goes my knee..


Bending over and flexing my back sounds like a row of falling tomb stones grinding together.
My ankle feels white hot and ever more threatening.
Curse the fact I’ve been too badly injured from day 2.. my army mentality drives me on.. what I’ve seen working operating theatres drives me on.. the I can and I will spirit! Move move move..sod the injuries.. I don’t give a damn what the physios say..or anyone else. Doing this is going to injure you. Move move..mutter mutter
Curse curse!!
Moan moan moan!
Swear swear swear!!
I’m lonely!!! 🙁
I feel dizzy!
On and on and on!


Ive just retched lucozade out of my nostrils,  my poor stomach is rejecting all this toxic input with drugs etc
Cramps cramps go away and come back another day!!! Ok fine! Don’t then! Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!


Bath, beer, bed..bed in the bath with a beer.. burger!! Uuuuummmmm!?
On and on and on!
Stretch..look like a geriatric… fart..laugh..
On and on!
Why!? Why!?
Whose damn idea was this!? Fool!
Me!!! Get lost.. you you!!!
Kiss my…
Uuuummm… mutterings!! Tweet tweet..get lost..leave me alone!
Phewwwwwphewwwww… it was your stupid damned idea.. fine fine.. moan moan moan.. keep going..tick tick!!
Sod it!! Sod it!! Whats not hurting!!
Teeth are ok.. hidden roadside ablution..guerrrr damn flies! Less aggressive than their Scottish cousins!


On and on and on!
Balance on the bridge rail.. no! Your not a child anymore. YOUR 41 GODDAMIT! curse you!!! Fiddlesticks! Yes I am!! Wish I was 5 years younger!!!!!
See..told you! God I stink like a dead fetid cat.
What day is it? Who cares! 🙂 haaahaa
Ooohhh crumbs.. high energy whistling flatulance.. sorry little old lady! Must be my hearing aid! Penny for your thoughts I get asked. Give me a penny then.


Please please pleaseeeeee!!
Come on!
My nipple is bleeding.
On and ???
Why are bugs called bugs! I should know really.. I’ve inhaled enough!!
Ooohhh I’m I’m not.. yes I am!