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Day26 stoic band 

A stoic band of undetterables slowly gather under the grand victorian facade of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  These are the people who anyone would say are the ‘ I can and I willers!’ I am proud to say they are kind of people and friends anyone would be proud to have on their side. Coming out to support the two great charities and causes I am trying raise money for. These guys and gals are the creme de la creme. I look around and realise how many people are just not and more sadly I realise we live and exist in a sadly predictable tepid pool of simplistic complacency and falseness clinging onto the effervescent entrails of apparent friendships ( facebook style ) with the soul destroying and predictable pathetic excuses always given by ‘Friends’.


Spirits are further lifted by the B.B.C and the local Fire Fighters turning up. Fun is had with the interviews and I pray that all these efforts bare fruit. I am so very grateful and appreciative to everyone and I cannot thank everyone enough who made the effort for coming out!!!!

day26 filming with Midlands today

To have a ‘ Band of Brothers’ marching on into the city with me was a much needed soul-uplifting and moral boost that goes beyond words. It has been an incredibly tough time collecting donations in places so far. If you haven’t ever tried to collect donations from the often aggressively impassive general public in this manner, you will never know how immensely hard and often soul destroying it can be. Thankfully when you are feeling at your worst a kind soul donates, gives a kind comment or gesture and restores your faith in humanity. Hours pass and all said and done, we all do well. I leave happy and truely worry and hope all others do so also.

day26 inner city

I run with a happy heart in the pouring rain to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, there are a few more sheckles rattling in the kitty. Whilst doing so I reminisce of how, not so long ago, here on these very roads, I was running endless miles daydreaming of endless plans and worries and of the start day. It seems a long time ago. A strange reality envelops upon me and I arrive as though a second has only passed. A lovely and warm greeting is given. I am tired. I am utterly worn thin. I am in a bubble. I try to conceal this from everyone. I meet some patients who gave cheer outside and feel like I want to cry. The ‘ I can and I will ‘ Spirit again!

Day26 qehb