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day34 army lads
I’m proud to have recently, bit by bit, gotten to know a gentleman by the name of Simon Bishop. With vim and vigor and fresh energy this kind chap, whom happens to be a serving soldier organised, with fantastic style, a get together of a ‘Band of Brothers’ for Marathon 34 that occurred in and around Andover, Amesbury and Salisbury.

day34 Mcdonalds

I really cannot thank Simon enough for organising the day with great things happening from his efforts like B.F.B.S reporters turning up. The spirit of fancy dress was also embraced and his ‘ Ladies ‘ costume was on par with my little number.
We ran with great humour throughout the day and my spirit was lifted.
So, many a barracks and their troops were visited on this day and many a generous soldier donated. Thanks goes out to all of them.


Day34 happy
Heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes to the following who ran with me and ( Bessie ):
C’O: Intelligence Corp:
Lieutenant Mellows
Sergeant Major Hasan
Sergeant Fletcher
Corporal Bishop
Corporal Parkes
Lance Corporal Stokes
Lance Corporal Clarke
Support vehicles: ( Banging out some great morale boosting tunes )
Staff Sergeant Maybury
Corporal Balic
I cannot thank you all enough! It reminds me of the long lost camaraderie I once had and took for granted. It was a surreal and emotional day.
As always.
Thanks goes out to my rock: Miss H.C

Day34 army lads run