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The road to recovery for a patient can be a very long and demanding time. To name one instance. Imagine preparing to walk. For anyone a monumental task requiring patience, dedication and an extraordinary amount of will power.  Even if a patient can walk, they may find it extremely difficult without the best and proper assistive rehabilitative therapy and specialised equipment to assist and restore maximum independence to all facets of their lifestyle.

To initially achieve the “Hearts and Minds” for the Q.E.H.B donations will go to funding leisure equipment associated within Fischer House on the actual hospitals premises, which will for example allow soldiers and their families to have fun and improved rehabilitation and which will also benefit other patient groups. SAM_0504 For the B.C.H to fund and compliment existing  ”Hearts and Minds” packages of support, my future vision and aim is to build upon the initial support that has been given and also to create an alliance for both trusts to benefit all of their patients in an approved manner.